Matt Mortimer

Stage, Event & Production Management

“The work I do within the arts and entertainment industry is one that I hold dear to my heart, It is with my passion, ambition and hard work that strives me to be the professional I am today. My unique eye for perfection from props through to set along with my different outlook on how to approach and overcome the tasks at hand while having the experience and ability to bring out the best in others work approaches. For me the industry inspires me to keep pushing for the highest quality of work while being able to bring together the people I work with and the audiences that watch the performance or attends the event.

Within my work as a Stage, Event & Production Manager I also have an extensive background in the Technical aspects of Theatre & Events while doing videography, photography and being the Media Director for an agency, all of these things have allowed me to have a greater understanding of how all the cogs fit together. Many of my clients enjoy working with me simply because I believe in them, they're visions and their work ethos', while they also enjoy my unique approach to my management style and people skills as they are of a high functional strategic approach.


I want to immerse myself in what the industry has to offer, so that I can expand my experience and continue to learn more practical skills in the ever changing world of the industry but continue to offer my clients the best approaches to any show, event or project."


Matt Mortimer

Director of MJ. Mortimer Ltd.

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